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March 1st, 2013

Hello All!

After a long sabbatical we are back working on all things artistic. We've been working hard on a video and at long last we are releasing it. 

The film is a short film exploring the age old question: What is Art? 

Directed - Joey Stamp Written - Zach Stamp Music Direction - Michael Stamp Audio Recorded By Hawan Royal Speakers:Joseph Maxwell, Christan Mathew (@hmmbacon), Ricardo Mireles, Mayu Mireles, Jesse Greenholtz, Elia Azurdia, Andrew Fucito, Ethan Goff, Hawan Royal, Esnel Solis, Daniel Nilssen, Michael Feola, Chris Mcguirl, J, and Zach Stamp.

Song "Sbp copy 2" by Zach Stamp 

September 1st, 2013


We have been very busy working on and off the StampBP stage. Things are slowing down just a bit when it comes to auditions for our shows , but there will still be just as many performance opportunities to come out and see! So, where are we up to now, and what have all the board memebers been doing this whole time? Read on!

Joey Stamp

I haven't rested since coming off  all the shows this past summer. I am currently working with The Secret Theatre ( in directing a one act for their upcoming one act festival. The play is called The Green Grocer by award winning playwright Joni Ravenna. It is set to open September 6th and run for 4 performance through the first two weeks of September. Additionally, I am working with Adam O’Dell  to put the finishing touches on the Marley Script in order to get ready for the next phase of its production life. All in all, I is keeping very busy in New York City.

Alison Ott

I am currently teaching and directing theatre in Dubuque, IA. On Wednesday and Thursday afternoons I teach acting lessons to students ages 10 - 18. I use different tried and true methods and am developing my own theories on how to bring out the truest connection to the characters. I am also in the pre-audition stage for two productions I will direct this fall. I will direct A Christmas Carol by Ronnie Meek at the Grand Opera House and The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson at The First Baptist Church. In addition to all of my theatre work  I am going crazy working three jobs on very little sleep. It's a good thing one of the jobs is at a coffee shop! In my rare, but occasional spare time, I enjoy movies, reading and being with people I love.

Joseph Maxwell

I have been incredibly busy over the past few weeks completing my finals, coming up with ideas for short stories/skits, and moving to a new base. I have 7-10 new story ideas, and starting next week Zach and I will begin the writing. I just signed up for new college courses, so Tuesdays and Thursdays will be dedicated to classes. I am currently trying to get leave approved by my new unit. If it goes through I will be spending mid-October through mid-November in Europe. While there I will take tons of pictures and videos to contribute to Stampbros.

Kristin Ambrose

These past couple of weeks have been crazy with the beginning of the school year and auditions, but everything is still full speed ahead. Auditions went really well and if you find yourself in Mankato during the month of November, come see me in Crumbs from the table of joy! Other than auditions, life in general has been going pretty smoothly and I can't wait to make more art with StampBP!

Michael Stamp

Though I had a successful summer with Joey in New York, I am excited to be getting back into the swing of school. I am trying my own hand at writing music now for a freshman only production entitled Escape to Wonderland. It's a wonderful take on Alice in Wonderland geared towards little kids trying to teach them how to make choices and the right ones to make. Besides that, I am playing piano for various dance classes and plays through out this coming year. I am very excited because, like Joey did this past year, I am writing a musical on top of Escape to Wonderland. We'll see how this year goes, but things are looking up!

Zach Stamp

I have been very busy, working hard in the name of stamp brothers productions. He's been writing scripts, composing music, scouting talent, and taking awful pictures of the rainforest:


Thanks for reading, and don't forget we are still trying to reach our goal of raising $1000 dollars!



August 13th, 2013

Hey party people!!

Were you able to see Marley? If you were, I guess you already know how spectacular the show is! If you weren't so lucky, we have good news for you! There are two ways to check out the awesomness. We posted a video on youtube of one of the songs from the show and that is FREE for you to check out right now:

 If you enjoyed that we have even more good news for you! You can now buy the entire cast recording over at CDBaby for only 9.99! Check it out and support a few starving artists!

Marley is over, for now, so we will be transitioning into a new season for StampBP. There will be many more featured artists and even an upcoming film! We will keep you updated, so check in with us often! Stay lovely :) 


July 28th, 2013

Hey people!!

Marley, Marley, MARLEY.

Our fundraiser has finally hit the ground running with letters, donations and supporters. We are still in need of money to keep our productions, sets, costumes, copyrights, rehearsals going. If you want to have a hand in helping, you can donate at Any amount you can afford moves mountains. Without you, this wouldn't be a thing.

Marley, Marley, MARLEY.

Let's talk about Mankato, Minnesota. But not just the snow, and Berry Blendz and large Chipotle burritos. School. An extremely significant school: Minnesota State University Mankato. You're probably already aware that MSU houses one of the best theatrically artistic programs in the country, but it also is the actual training facility of our very own COLEE LUDKE. She is a beautifully talented actress/singer/songwriter and we are proud to represent her. We can't wait for you to experience the art she has in store for you so check out the Featured Artists tab on our site! Go!

Marley, Marley, MARLEY.

Okay now is the time. MARLEY!!!!!!! This is the FINAL week of rehearsals for the cast of Marley. They are more than ready to show you the dedication they have put into this StampBP original production and the new talent they have to bring. The curtain ascends at 9pm in the Cabrini Repertory Theatre on August 1st, 3rd, and 4th. This is one showstopper you will not want to miss! The unforgettable music. The brilliant performers. The heart-wrenching acting. The precision. Our Marley composer, Adam O'Dell, will also be attending so stop and chat with him to get the music composition backstage pass “from page to stage”. See you there!

Marley, Marley, MARLEY.


July 25th, 2013

Hello everyone!

It is time once again to play the introduction game! As Marley opens in just a few short days, this cast has never stopped running full speed ahead. However, these fast and furious one-speed thespians must have grown accustomed to this lifestyle; because their performance filled pasts show just as much talent packed fervor. Read on!

ALLYSON S. WILSON (Narrator) – Allyson’s voice has graced both national and international concert andoperatic stages, performing repertoire from Bach to Shubert. Allyson graduated fromthe University of Louisiana with her degree in Vocal Performance emphasis in Opera. In2009, her international debut was well received at the Sydney Australia Opera Housewhere she presented a solo recital of twentieth-century American music. Invited to returnto Sydney the following year, Allyson toured in Australia and New Zealand as concertsoloist and a voice clinician. In the Summer of 2010, she toured Europe with the AlmalfiCoast Festival performing in the opera The Magic Flute by Mozart as the First Lady. In theU.S., Allyson has performed as concert soloist with organizations such as The ShreveportOrchestra, The Arkansas Philharmonic Orchestra, the Texas Chamber Consort, Dallas CivicOrchestra, Dallas Symphonic Band, the Dallas Chamber Ensemble, Twin City Ballet andthe Monroe Symphony Orchestra. Her stage career includes performing with CentenaryCollege, Wildwood Opera Theatre, University of Louisiana Monroe, and a number of vocalcompetitions nationally and internationally. Allyson is currently teaching voice at St. PaulCommunity Church in Brooklyn, New York and applying for her Master’s Program in the Fall.She hails from Little Rock, AR by way of Louisiana and Texas as she fondly calls ArkLaTex.

ALLY KATSELIANOS (Marley) – Ally is thrilled to be working on this original musical with the Stamp Brothers! She is a recent NYU graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Vocal Performance, Music Theatre, and was last seen performing with the Steinhardt Singers for NYU Commencement ceremonies at Radio City Music Hall and Yankee Stadium. You may have seen her in the New York premiere of the new work, All the Kids Are Doing It, the NYU Steinhardt production at Provincetown Playhouse. Also at NYU, she performed in 4@15: Four NEW 15 Minute Musicals at the York Theatre, and was guitarist for NYU Renegade Theatre’s production of Zanna Don’t!. Favorite credits include Mille Dillmount (Thoroughly Modern Millie), Little Red (Into the Woods), Cherubino (The Marriage of Figaro), 1st Lady (The Magic Flute), Kiss Me Kate, Bye Bye Birdie, 42nd Street, Evita, Carmen, and The Merry Widow. She’s also recorded on multiple demo albums, including those of new writers such as Joshua Salzman and Ryan Cunningham. Check her out this summer in A Game Without A Name, part of NYC’s Fringe AL FRESCO Festival, or performing her own work as a singer/songwriter at the Sidewalk Cafe! Much love to Mom, Dad and the family for endless love and support, and to Knut for bringing out the best in me. A million thanks to our brilliant cast and crew - it’s an honor to be a part of this family!

AMINA CAMILLE (Talia) – Amina is THRILLED to be a part of Marley: A Musical Tragedy! Off B'way: Hippolytus (Aphrodite), Let My People Come- A Sexual Musical (Sally Streikermeyer). National tour: Angelina Ballerina the Musical (Ms. Mimi), CinderellaROCK! (Stepmother), Oz- the Musical (DooWop), and Fairytale'd (Narrator). Concert credits include opening for Jessica Simpson, Willie Nelson, Michael Bolton and Josh Groban. Amina is a proud graduate of The American Musical & Dramatic Academy- New York City campus. HUGE gratitude to Stamp Brothers Productions and the Marley crew. Many thanks to friends and family for their never ending support."Don't forget to dream!"

FRED FLEURY (Rob) - Fred moved to New York City a year ago to pursue an artistic career. He attends the musical theater program at Circle in the Square and is currently also in productions of Periodic Maintenance at The Producer`s Club and Jesus Christ Superstar in Brooklyn.

We are so proud of our brilliant performers. Just a reminder that show dates are August 1st, 3rd, and 4th. Marley will begin at 9p.m at the Cabrini Theatre (701 Fort Washington Avenue in Washington Heights New York, NY). Hope to see you there!


July 14th 2013

Hey friends!

We have a had a very busy, but successful couple of weeks! The fundraiser is going extremely well – thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of the generous donations. Every cent counts. As for any newcomers, it is never too late to donate! Check out our website for more info. Sweet! Now that the businessy schpeel over, let me introduce to you our board members, once again, along with their official titles so nothing gets confusing here with StampBP!

Joey Stamp – Director of Artistic Guidance
Zach Stamp – Director of Talent Discovery and Management
Michael Stamp – Director of Sound and Virtual Presence
Joseph Maxwell – Director of Proficiency
Alison Ott – Director of Color and Clarity
Kristin Ambrose – Director of Development and Composition

So there are our wonderful board members, but looking extra spiffy with new, professional titles. Take a look at last week's update to read all about them and why they are here if you feel compelled to do so. If not, stick around so I can reveal our latest project. Drum roll is required.

Marley: A musical tragedy is a StampBP original musical and will be opening the first week of August. It is a very small, but very hard-working and extraordinarily talented group of performers. It features the musical styling of Adam O'Dell, under the direction of Michael Stamp and head director Joey Stamp. We are very pleased with this show thus far and Pygmalion as well, which had an awesome opening and run. Many of you made it to a show and didn't regret it for a minute. With the unbelievable costumes, brilliant acting, and a musical touch for melodious tastes, it made for an evening of theatre, you wouldn't want to miss! However, if you weren't able to make it to Pyg, no worries! Marley will satisfy your live theatre need, leaving you humming the tunes the whole way home. More information will be on its way. You can't miss out on this one! See you there!


June 29th 2013

Hey there!

We are so glad you checked in with us! This is a very special update because we will introduce to you our StampBP board members whose faces are usually hidden, but their work for us goes far from unnoticed. Our “stone soup” style meetings allows each of us to bring something unique to the table through collaboration and hard work, but also plenty of shenanigans! It's such a rewarding experience to be able to have so much fun doing what we love and create works of art for you at the same time. Forever thanks thanks thanks to you! Well, there isn't much else to it, so I'll let each of the board members tell you a little bit about themselves. Check out the About Us page for more details!

Meet Joey Stamp!
I graduated from Clarke University with a degree in theatre and moved to New York soon after. I am passionate about directing, which is what I have delegated my time to since my arrival in NYC. I am excited to be involved with StampBP because it means the chance to create work with tons of new and talented people.

Meet Zach Stamp!
I am currently enlisted in the United States marine corps. When I am not busy defending our freedom, I enjoy writing and playing music. As one of the co-founders of StampBP, my goal is to travel the world and help artists everywhere achieve their dreams.

Meet Michael Stamp!
I am a sophomore at MSU in Mankato, Minnesota. I am pursuing a degree in theatre, though my passions lie in music as well. I hope to someday have a professional career in music direction. StampBP has been a wonderful outlet for me to share my talents and work firsthand with the artists of New York.

Meet Joseph Maxwell!
I am a Lance Corporal in the United States Marine Corps. My three greatest passions are travel, adventure, and the pursuit of truth. I am currently studying Physics and Psychology at the University of Maryland. After my time in the service is up, I intend to spend my life exploring the world and using my analytical skills to assist Stampbros in looking spiffy for the public.

Meet Alison Ott!
I am a recent Clarke University graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree. I currently live in Dubuque, Iowa where I spend my time with my two greatest passions - children and theatre. One day I hope to run a children's home where theatre is the tool used to bring quality back into the lives of neglected and abandoned children. I am excited to be a part of building the Stamp BP from the beginning. Anything is possible, because nothing has been done yet.

Meet Kristin Ambrose!
I am a sophomore at MSU Mankato where I am working towards a bachelor of fine arts in musical theatre. I aspire to make a living by giving my artistic abilities to audiences all over the world. My passion is bringing art to people through performance, and watching it work through them. StampBP has given me countless means of experiencing this, including various forms of art and much more.

Other than getting the opportunity to meet the board, we wanted to make sure you knew Pygmalion is still well underway with hopes to see every one of you at a performance! Just a reminder that this performance is completely free, using a pay what you can admission, and free wine will be served. Stay tuned for more Pygmalion updates! Also visit the about us page, just for poops and chuckles. See you guys soon!


June 22nd 2013

July 12th at 8pm, the stage lights will showcase a very hardworking cast and crew's dedication to George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion. Rehearsals are successfully zipping along and performances are fast and furiously coming around the corner.

Show dates are July 12-14th at 8pm with a 2pm matinee on the 13th. Join us at the 133rd Art Center in New York, New York where Stamp Brothers Productions will use a pay-what-you-can ticket admission for the show. This means the show is free!! Free wine will also be served.

The immensely talented cast and crew bringing you this production is as follows:

Eliza Doolittle - Lauren Young
Mrs. Doolittle - Kristina King
Henry Higgins - Justy Kosek
Mrs. Higgins - Heather Peterson
Freddy - Nick Golden
Clara - Liz Colwell
Mrs. Eynsford Hill - Jessica Goldstein
Mrs. Pierce - Natasha Strang
Colonel Pickering - Finn Kilgore
Higgins U/S, Ensemble - Jerrel Lynch
Ukulele, Sarcastic bystander, Ensemble - Andrea Miller
Guitar, Bystander, Ensemble - Haley Rice
Mrs. Doolittle U/S, Ensemble - Mariana Coelho
arlor Maid, Clara U/S, Ensemble - Caitrin Kelly
Ensemble - Jessie St. George

Stage manager - Annmargaret Centeno
Choreography by Sean Roschman
Music Director - Michael Stamp
Director - Joey Stamp

Please join us for an evening of free fun and folly. See you there! -Stamp Bros

June 15th 2013

Dear world, 

We are proud to announce that because of a wonderful organization known as Fractured Atlas, Stamp Brothers Productions Incorporated is now a Non-Profit organization. We are now sponsored under the mission of creating theatrical experiences for new and emerging talent.

Fractured Atlas is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help other Art organizations and projects receive sponsorship. They have a wonderful process, in which upcoming businesses apply, get reviewed over a period of fifteen days, and if said business is considered qualified, Fractured Atlas allows that business to receive non profit benefits through them. They recently approve of the Stampbros mission, hence this update!

What all of this means for you:
-All donations to Stamp Brothers Productions Inc. are now tax deductible.

Fractured atlas has a private goal for each new organization they sponsor: before said group or project can apply for grants, they need to raise $1,000. 

So, with this announcement of our official sponsorship, we want to launch our next fundraiser. Our goal is to raise the required $1,000 so we can apply for grants in order to increase funds and continue to produce theatre.

So if you want to make a one time tax-deductible donation, or maybe even a monthly recurring donation to our company, follow this link and click the donate now button:
And lastly, check out a 1 minute teaser for the song "Nothing More" From the upcoming Stamp Brothers Musical: Marley: A Musical Tragedy

June 9th 2013
Hey there everyone!

So to catch up with the Organization side of things, Stamp Brothers Productions is proud to announce our board of directors:

-Alison Ott  -Joey Stamp  -Zach Stamp  -Michael Stamp  -Joseph Maxwell  -Kristin Ambrose

Between the six of us, we share 3 different time zones, so things have been moving slowly, but steadily. We are still in search of a seventh and final board member.

Now onto our Production side of things!

We are very excited to announce our 2nd production of the year!

  Poster by Kristen Anhalt

Marley: A Musical Tragedy is a brand new musical by Joey Stamp with original music by Adam O’Dell. MARLEY is about a young girl struggling to understand her rapidly changing world amidst her parent’s recent divorce. Based off of Euripides’ Hippolytus Tragedy, MARLEY follows the story of a mother and daughter and reveals the power of love just how deadly it can be.

Marley will be presented at the Cabrini Repertory Theater Thespis Playwright's Festival August 1st, 3rd, and 4th all at 9 p.m.

Lastly, Pygmalion rehearsals are going great! Come see the show!

Ta-Ta until next Saturday!

June 1st 2013

It has been a crazy week with Pygmalion: The Musical. We had our read through, first dance and first music rehearsal. The practices went very well and this is shaping up to be a great show. Make sure you catch it!

Which brings us to our next order of business:
We FINALLY found a performance space! YAY! Right?
We will be performing at the 133rd Street Arts Center July 12th at 8, July 13th at 2 & 8, and July 14th at 8! This is a huge deal; It's like the light at the end of the tunnel of no affordable spaces has finally been reached!

Thanks for reading and COME SEE PYGMALION :D!

Hey! Music Rehearsal!

May 25th 2013
Hey Hey!

After many rides on janky subways we have officially found a rehearsal space in West Harlem, known as 133rd Street Art Center run by End Times Productions. This is for Pygmalion: The Musical. You might be wondering: "What, isn't that My Fair Lady?" Well, NO! Lerner and Loewe changed Shaw's original ending. In other words, My Fair Lady is based on Pygmalion, but the two are not the sameCome to our show and see shaw's originally intended, and shocking ending! Show dates will be posted shortly.....they are still getting hammered out.

Speaking of spaces, if you are interested in learning about our frustration over the process of finding performance/rehearsal spaces, check out a little blog post by Joey here.

And if you haven't already, Check our Eric Asby and his poetry in our Featured Artists Section!

We will be having our first meeting as a cast this Sunday night for our read through at 8 at The Alchemical Theatre Laboratory. From what we can tell the cast is pretty excited to get going. 

Until next Saturday!

Hey! Scripts!!!


May 18TH 2013
Howdy everybody!

Boy, has it been a CRAZY WEEK. Joey and Michael drove from Iowa to New York on Thursday and are getting settled in. On with the show!

We just had a production meeting for the upcoming show Pygmalion, with the lovely and organized Ana Centeno as stage manager & Sean Roschman as our splendid and talented choreographer. Things are looking up here in NYC.

On the business side of things, as of yesterday, we officially have competed all of the documentation for applying to have non profit status as a company. Up next, we just send it all out to the IRS for approval.
What this means for you!: Soon you can donate to us and it will be completely tax deductible! 200% sure! We are so sure, it defies the laws of nature.

Goodbye for now!

Hey, it's us!

May 11TH 2013

Hello good friends and neighbors!

Exciting times are upon us everyone! Not to sound like Scar, but
be prepared for new stuff.
Joey and Michael are en route back to NYC to start our production of Pygmalion, for more info scroll down.

But, more exciting than that is our website will be changing! YAY! We're getting more and more artists and support from the lovely people in our lives. You might be asking yourself, 'What the hell does this mean?' IT MEANS THE FOLLOWING: We will be getting more up and coming artists as time wears on!

So, keep your eyes peeled and check the Featured Artists tab more and more!

MAY 1ST 2013
Hey Ya'll!

Our first production ever is coming up shortly! More info to follow, obviously, but right now all we got is this: Coming soon to NYC, keep lookin for the dates for our production of Pygmalion! And our Pit Park Practices! Or PPP's! for short!

Poster artist: Beatrice Schares

APRIL 25th 2013

Hello World. 

We now have a TumblrTwitterFacebook, and Youtube Channel